One of Transmed's greatest strengths is its people. This is why we care very much about our employees' well-being. We are in fact known for our management philosophy, whose core is passion for people. We have also adopted the principles of Jean-Luc Tremblay's La performance par le plaisir. We are convinced that pleasure results in engaged and enthusiastic employees who will go the extra mile, as we have created an environment where people like working.

Consequently, we offer a wide range of competitive benefits:

  • option to work full or part time;
  • option to choose own work schedule;
  • option to telework;
  • performance bonuses;
  • competitive salary;
  • group insurance plan;
  • group RRSP, with employer contributions;
  • paid floating leave;
  • annual leave (6%).

Join our dynamic team!

Since Transmed continues to grow, we are often recruiting for all of our business lines.

As such, we are always looking for people with a college diploma in medical transcription in English, French or both, or who have at least five years' relevant experience in transcribing medical records.

We also hire graduate translators who are either certified members of an association recognized by the Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council (CTTIC) or are candidates for certification.

We are also looking for graduate medical records technicians with a minimum of five years' experience in the medical records field.

Through its values, Transmed strives to maintain a stimulating work environment where staff want to set the bar higher. We are proud to be able to count on more than 60 employees to achieve the goals stemming from our mission. Take our word for it: Our workplace will offer you stimulating challenges and many rewards. Why not join a dynamic team and an organization concerned about its employees' well-being and its clients' interests!


"I started working with the Transmed team nearly three years ago. I love my work! I feel valued and appreciated. My work is recognized and I feel like I'm making a difference. They're leveraging my strengths! At Transmed, I've developed in a professional learning environment in which mutual support and quality are core values. And it goes without saying that teleworking and flexible scheduling mean that I'm more available for my family, which is a big advantage for me. In short, I'm proud to be a member of the Transmed team!"

Hélène Haché
Medical Transcriptionist/Editor
Campbellton, NB

"Transmed is more than an employer for me: it's more like a family and a network of friends and professionals I can always count on.
During my years at Transmed, I've not only learned a lot and increased my consistency and reliability, but I've also forged some life-long relationships.
Yes, I work from home, but I feel like I'm always surrounded by my valued colleagues because they're so helpful and friendly.
I'm very proud to be part of this company. They're consummate professionals and great people as well!"

Mélissa Dion
Quebec City, QC

"On my very first day at work at Transmed, I knew right away that I'd enjoy it!
The atmosphere of collaboration, learning and continuous feedback fosters the employees' professional growth. The Transmed team gives me an opportunity to grow and develop my self-confidence in my chosen career.
I continue to be impressed by the close relationships between Transmed's employees, despite the distance that separates us. Although we're each in our own office, we appreciate the good humour and kindness of our colleagues thanks to our frequent interactions.
Working at Transmed is a real privilege and I'm proud to be a part of this brilliant, warm, enthusiastic and productive team."

Jessica Landry
Shippagan, NB

"I happen to have Transmed tattooed on my heart!
The company has some fantastic people who work closely with each other each and every day. The team is dynamic and very mindful of the staff, which really makes the company an outstanding place to work!
Even though I work at home by myself, I always feel supported by management and by my co-workers. And each of the company divisions is important. For the transcription department, our revisers are really important and I feel spoiled having them on hand. And what can I say about the management team: they're available, effective and friendly!
I've worked for Transmed since December 2013 and I'm very proud to be here!
For me, Transmed is more than an employer: it's a big beautiful family!"

Jocelyne Haché
Medical Transcriptionist
Otterburn Park, QC

“I have been with Transmed now for two and a half years and I have been extremely happy with my choice to join this wonderful family. Not only do I feel very appreciated and valued on a daily basis, but it is also great to be an employee of a company, rather than being self-employed. I would highly recommend working with this company to any transcriptionist or translator!”

Catherine Hurst
Medical Transcriptionist
Barrie, ON
Full Time and Part Time Employment

Medical Transcriptionist (French)

Accounting Clerk

We are currently looking for candidates to expand our team and we are specifically searching for medical transcriptionists specialized in French-language operative procedures.

We invite you to submit your application online!