Our audit service is a direct result of our medical transcription expertise. In fact, it was in analyzing the needs of certain clients that we decided to offer this personalized service. Over the years, our experience has shown that when a health-care institution's resources cannot handle transcription demand, it is generally because work volume exceeds production capacity. However, our analysis sometimes leads us to conclude that these internal resources should be sufficient. In that case, our preferred approach is to make our expertise in medical transcription management available to you in order to maximize the effectiveness of your own transcription activities, thereby helping you to get the most out of your resources.

Our team then travels to your institution, where it assesses your work environment. We then suggest improvements and monitor them while they are implemented. This approach, conducted in constant cooperation with your team, produces lasting and meaningful results. In the end, clients have an optimized internal transcription service that can handle the work volume efficiently. This is how our vision of partnership is translated.

Working languages: English and French

A sustained partnership

When you contact us with an audit request, we begin by gathering the necessary information, after which we submit our proposal. Our specialists will then travel to your site to become familiar with your work environment and conduct interviews. Our recommendations to you will be based on the findings of this process.

For the process to be effective, the recommendations must be implemented in orderly fashion. Our team will therefore conduct several follow-ups during this crucial phase and will make changes along the way. We will therefore work closely with you to achieve maximum results.

Audit Process Diagram
"I really appreciated your efforts to help me pinpoint the problem in the transcription division. Your approach was very personalized, professional and focused on the individual. Our staff did not feel threatened. Rather, they felt engaged in wanting to reorganize the division to make it more efficient. Through your interviews with the staff, you managed to describe in a fairly detailed and accurate manner each person's tasks.

"It was not long before significant changes were made to improve transcription speed and eliminate 80% of the tasks that were not the transcriptionists' responsibility.

"Your telephone calls and your answers to my questions were most helpful. Thank you so much again for assisting us and for being so available. You are a wonderful team. Everyone is so professional and kind."

Ghislaine Beaudry
Manager of Medical Records