Transmed’s reputation rests on two main principles: our expertise and the way we treat each client. Our approach is quite simple, each customer represents a unique business relationship and has very specific needs, and we pride ourselves in making the time to zero in on them.

We are always mindful that institutions vary in size and that businesses have different sets of objectives. Transmed will tailor its services to meet and surpass customer expectations. Whether your request deals with medical transcription, translation, audits or analyzing and coding health care episodes, Transmed carefully reviews each request and carries out the work with the utmost care and quality.

Transmed’s customer list has grown over the years and the roster shows hospital centres and businesses of all sizes. Some of our customers have been with the company since the beginning, a true test of the reliability we offer and the quality we put in everything we do.
Hull Hospital

Gatineau Hospital

Pierre-Janet Hospital (Gatineau)

Montréal General Hospital

Montréal Children's Hospital

Royal Victoria Hospital

Montréal Neurological Hospital

The Montréal Chest Institute

Lachine Hospital

Papineau Hospital (Gatineau)

Sacré-Coeur Hospital (Montréal)

Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital (Montréal)

Jewish General Hospital (Montréal)

Santa Cabrini Hospital (Montréal)

Enfant-Jésus Hospital (Québec)

Cité-de-la-Santé Hospital (Laval)

Jean-Talon Hospital (Montréal)

Université de Montréal Hospital Centre