Transmed has been offering translation services since 2007. To become a leader in this field, we have focused on the element that has been responsible for our success over the years-quality. Our quest for excellence led us to implement a rigorous revision process allowing us to produce high-quality translations on time. The result?

  • Translations that are faithful to the intent of the original while conveying nuances and avoiding the pitfalls of literal renderings.
  • Accurate and consistent terminology that reflects choices made across the client's various texts.
  • Syntax that flows, ensuring maximum clarity and readability.

In keeping with our human approach, our clients are our number one priority. In this way, we offer personalized service and work closely with you throughout the project. This is how we have become a highly credible service provider and have carved out an enviable position for ourselves in the marketplace.

Languages translated: English into French and French into English.

Areas of specialization: Health, pharmaceutics, administration, human resources, business.

Some of our regular customers: The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, the New Brunswick Health Council, the McGill University Health Centre and the New Brunswick Translation Bureau.

Know-how and accountability

We use a proven approach that includes a rigorous quality control process and is consistently applied by experienced staff. The entire process-from request analysis, project planning, tasking to one or more translators, translation and revision to final layout-is finely orchestrated so that translations are faithful to the original and easy to read. This is how we apply our principles of excellence and accountability.

Translation Process Diagram

Seasoned translators

All of our translators have a university degree in translation, and most of them are certified members of a Canadian association of translators, terminologist and interpreters. We work with specialists in various fields who adhere to our values and for whom quality is a priority. Some of them are Transmed employees, while others partner with us on a regular basis. We also maintain ongoing relationships with a number of freelance translators who specialize in various fields and are familiar with our work methods. In that way, we ensure that everyone follows our quality control process.

“We have often relied on Transmed to meet our urgent needs. The service from Transmed has always been professional and of top quality.”

Jeff Smith, Supervisor for Medical Records Services, MUHC

“The professionals at Transmed always provide timely, reliable and efficient service. If you are looking for a service provider that will deliver quality and enhance your confidence in your translated documents, look no further than Transmed.”

Jana Allain Boudreau, City Clerk, City of Campbellton

“The Transmed team shows an outstanding level of professionalism in its contacts and responds very effectively to our translation questions. Our translation requests are handled efficiently and punctually—they're never late.”

Christine Paré, Director of Communications, New Brunswick Health Council